Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Can we design our own floor plan?

Yes, Building Green Structures does in house plans and will sit down with you to come up with your ideal plan.

#2 What if the walls get wet?

You need to keep your siding in good condition, just the same as any other structure.

#3 How is this system compared to Stick framed projects?

Our system is stronger and is erected faster than stick building. For example, once our walls are up the insulation and sheathing is already on vs stick framing will still need sheathed and insulated.

#4 Do Projects go up faster?

Construction is a very hard industry to make a perfect schedule, with that said we try very hard to keep construction time to a minimum. Also, when completed there is less waste and less trash hauled to the landfill.

#5 Do they really work better than stick framed Structures?

Yes, they really are better in several ways. Insulated panels are more energy efficient, structurally stronger, go up faster, and cost less over the life of the structure.

#6 How long have solid core panels been used?

Energy Panel Structures was established in 1981 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the MacArthur Company of St. Paul, MN.

MacArthur Company, was established in 1913 as a small manufacturer of pipe insulation and is a private firm with a 4A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating. They are now the number one choice for virtually all insulations and accessories from pipes to HVAC to roofing products with 20 warehouses throughout the western United States.

Side note: Frank Lloyd Wright is a famous architect that use insulated panels in many of his homes in the 1930’s and 40’s.  

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#7 Do you use sub-contractors?

Yes, we use sub-contractors to complete projects. We have found that if you use the sub-contractors to do each individual job the job has a faster completion, better quality and when there are issues, they can be remedied more quickly. The other benefit is that when sub-contractors bid projects the home owner saves money.

#8 What buildings does Building Green Structures build?
  • Structural insulated panel (Solid Core) buildings feature foam core wall panels and wood truss systems for small and medium size agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Post frame packages for commercial and agricultural use
  • Commercial industrial building packages and panelized products
  • Complete dairy facilities
  • Equestrian arenas and complete stable packages
  • Steel frame building packages can utilize Energy-Lok steel faced EPS foam core panels
  • Insulated panels for both new construction and retrofit projects
  • Cold storage panel systems and walk-in freezers
  • Small exterior cooler and freezer building packages
  • New homes for single- and multi-family living
  • Energy Panel Structures
  • Nucor Building Systems
  • Star Building Systems
#9 Does Building Green Structures have in house Architects and Engineers?
No, but we do have architect’s and engineers that we do work with for our projects. We also have in-house design drafting to serve your needs (while you’re here).
#10 What do I need to have to get started?
  • We would like you to have an ideal budget.
  • What you need your structure to do.
  • Where you want your structure.
  • The time frame you want to have your structure completed.
  • Call, email or stop in our office to visit about your project.